Loaded Craft Coffee Roaster, Australia

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 Place minimum 10Kg order and receive within 7 Working Days. 

We recommend the Seasonal Blend, do check with us for the current available Single Origins on both Filter & Espresso roast.


At Loaded, it all begins with the bean. We roast in W.A. to bring you
fresh, specialty coffee beans with an uncompromising quality. We
choose a range of distinct coffee varieties directly from select
plantations worldwide on a seasonal basis to ensure that each crop is
sourced at its prime. We only roast in small batches to retain control
over the process; this way we can enhance each variety's
The process at Loaded has been refined and nurtured through years of
hands-on involvement in the specialty coffee industry, complementing
the hard work done by the farmers/producers at origin. The love of
drinking great coffee and the desire to share the experience have
inspired us to roast craft coffee, providing you with an exceptional
coffee drinking experience.

Justin Kenny has over 20 years of hospitality experience. Together
with his wife, Sarah Rohr, they have owned and operated four coffee
retail outlets in Perth – Grind Espresso Bar, Fix Espresso, Velvet
Espresso and Elixir Coffee Specialists. They sold Elixir in 2013 to
start up Loaded.

Justin's desire to start coffee roasting came out of his frustration
at not having total control over the quality of his product. When he
started Elixir in 2010, he bought his first coffee roaster and his
love of the mechanics of roasting quality coffee was born.

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