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About Drop Coffee

Drop Coffee is an award winning roastery and café in Stockholm with all focus on flavour, sustainability and having a good time doing what we love. We source fully transparent coffees visiting all of the producers we are working with year on year. We are roasting for clarity and brightness in the cups. Our roastery is certified organic.


Drop Coffee was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2009 as a coffee bar by Mariatorget, focusing on serving tasty coffee. We started roasting our own coffee in the back of the shop in 2010, on a wee one-kilo roaster. We started roasting for other wholesale customers in 2012, when we moved into a proper roastery with a 25-kilo roaster. Recently we moved Roastery to Rosersberg north of town, where we bought the location. From June 2018 our Roastery is certified organic.

Flavour and roasting style 

Drop Coffee has a flavour vision of a clear and bright taste profile where the origin of the cup should shine through. We like to present as much of the coffees' acidity and sweetness as possible in the cup. Some coffee will be more acidic and juicy - and some creamy and chocolatey - depending on the origin, but all the coffees are roasted for clarity. The coffee has a light to medium roast profile, suitable for all brewing methods. 


Current Swedish Barista Champion and Swedish Roasting Champion.
Part of our work is to attend competitions, such as the Roasting Championship, where our managing director, Joanna Alm, for several years has been the Swedish champion and has placed in the World Roasting Championship. Early next year she is representing Sweden in the World Coffee Roasting Championship and Matt Winton represented Drop Coffee and Sweden in World Barista Championships in June2018. Since 2009 the staff working at Drop Coffee at said time, have won several titles, listed below.

World Roasters Championship
— 3rd place 2014
— 2nd place 2015
— 4th place 2016

Swedish Roasters Championship

— Winner 2014
— Winner 2015
— Winner 2016
— Winner 2018

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Ana sora drop coffee grande
Ana sora drop coffee grande
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Img 3830 grande
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Img 0655 cf7f4b80 5c26 4106 b64d 94ad3d66f042 grande